Graphic Designer

The work force of the United Arab Emirates consists mostly of expatriate labour from every country around the world. Though a foreign concept to Westerners, employees of particular nationalities often obtain jobs in just certain job classes. South Asian nations, for instance, export labor for unskilled construction jobs. People From some Arab nations occupy mid level management jobs in areas like hospitality. Western employees might find these sorts of jobs inaccessible to them, Westerners typically occupy positions in education, media and management positions in architectural and construction design. United Arab Emirates companies seek native speakers in the instruction field. United Arab Emirates teachers forge partnerships with Western universities to deliver excellent programs into the nation. 

Together with Western teachers, United Arab Emirates universities, such as that the American University in Dubai, employ support personnel to establish computer network programs, design network security and assess technology problems to serve faculty and students better. As of 2010, IT projects can pay from approximately $500 to $1, 000 per week. Many job opportunities are provided by HR departments from the communications and IT businesses. Given the large influx of overseas workers, skilled human resource supervisors are incredibly desired. Managing citizenship, demonstrating performance evaluation, hiring and dismissal procedures are a part of the job description as United Arab Emirates companies Move toward a Western fashion employment model. 

Over 100, 000 British expatriates live and work in that the United Arab Emirates, with lots of employed in technology and media. Over the past decade the number of English language newspapers and magazines significantly increased. Native English speaking foreigners hold reporting, editing and photography jobs. Supervisors also prize graphic designers with extensive experience from web site and image design. Young journalism, publicity and public relations work candidates seek positions in the United Arab Emirates early from their careers into gain experience before returning into their home nations. These tasks require a university degree, and salaries vary from $3, 000 to $4, 000 monthly, if not higher. 

Probably the top employers in the United Arab Emirates are construction and architectural firms. Dubai since 2000 is that the hub of construction activities in the Middle East. Employers greatly recruit construction managers and architects for their experience in green building. Employers need Western architects for their capability to break the conventions of standard architecture design with elaborate skyscraper styling and their talent for using green technologies so buildings operate efficiently in the severe desert climate. Jobs include site supervisor positions to supervise that the costruction of pedestrian bridges, schools and related infrastructure. Some companies expect senior architectural supervisors to engage in a work for up into 48 months into plan building projects valued up into $500 million.